Ron Egozi is a DP and camera operator living in New York City.  Egozi graduated from Rutgers University, where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Science with an independent study in documentary photography and black and white printing.

After a life-changing summer internship at Maysles Films (Iris, Gimmie Selter, Grey Gardens), Egozi built an impressive VHS collection, and armed with a Bolex & a Nikon camera he began a career making pictures and never looked back.   Egozi has for the last decade worked primarily as a cinematographer shooting episodic sketch comedy, documentaries, music videos and commercials for heavy hitters and small-timers alike.



Whitest Kids U Know / Season 3, 4 and 5 - IFC

Human Giant / Season 1 & 2 - MTV

Disney PSA / Girl Scouts of America

2016, International Motion Arts 5 Award

2016, American Photography 32 Annual Award

Givenchy Spring 2016, Pier 26 fashion show -  director of photography, multicam 360 VR video. 


Egozi’s photography can be viewed at: